Affinity Groups

Queer Womxn Wednesdays:

A fun and welcoming community for self-identified queer womxn, femmes, and womxn-aligned folx to come together. In partnership with the Pride Center, QWW is a brave space for members to support each other in navigating Cal Poly as queer womxn and to discuss the important, fun, and spontaneous topics that are a part of their experiences. 

S.H.E. (Support Her Everywhere) Black Womxn's Dialogue Group 

A Black women-identified dialogue group held in partnership with the Black Academic Excellence Center, encompassing issues that affect the experiences of Black women. A brave place to talk about hot topics, have free-flowing discussions, expand networks, and build campus community to support Black womxn everywhere.

Womxn of Color Mixer

In partnership with the Multicultural Center, the WOC Mixer is an informal sit-down event for womxn-identifying students, staff, and faculty of color. Through this event, womxn of color at Cal Poly can build bridges, strengthen networks, and cultivate community across campus.


A closed space for womxn and nonbinary folks aligned with womxnhood and femininity to have honest conversations about topics and current issues surrounding gender and womxnhood — anything ranging from dating and relationships, to gender identity, to societal standards of beauty.

Additional Groups

Gender & Sexuality Affinity & Support Groups.

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